The Head – A Short Story

This might or might not be based on my real life story. But, fiction is always a fun story to write. Trying something different here. Also, please leave a comment! 🙂

Michael wore his favourite leather jacket and favourite jeans to meet Said at a movie festival they both have planned for months. The French Movie Festival was back in town and the two lovebirds have been dying to watch their favourite Marion Cottilard’s movie. Heck, they fell in love because of their fondness of French movies and music and how could the gay Francophil couple missed this event? Continue reading


Love affair or a fling?

How is this for irony? After my heartfelt (and a tad dramatic) last post where I wrote about my first break up, life has become more… eventful?

If you guessed this has something to do with me installing a dating app then you guessed right. However, if you think this new post is going to be about my random, yet often times hilarious, dating experience then you are wrong. (Don’t worry I am planning to dedicate the upcoming posts on that topic) Continue reading

Love & Breakup

The last time I tried to write a post on this blog it was entitled “Job”. I was having a hard time finding a job that I liked and I was planning to go back to my old writing gig in the media. Well, fast-forward two months… I went back to my old work place and can’t be more grateful for the second chance. However, what brings me back to write another post is I so desperately need to let out about my personal life. My love life to be exact, which has come to an end officially last week (on Valentine’s Day to be exact). Continue reading

What Do I Think About Marriage?

If you asked me 5 years ago whether I want to get married, the answer would be a straight NO. You see, marriage for me isn’t as clear-cut as it is with another people. I grew up with no intention of getting married and it is something I never put in the back of my mind. Maybe this is caused of the constant bickering between my parents while I grew up that put a dent to the notion. Or maybe the society where I live in define marriage more as a necessity than a choice in life. Whatever the reasons were back then, the appeal of marriage never existed until I began to see it from a different perspective. Continue reading

Am I Connected to the Universe?

For the longest time, I would never call myself intuitive because I thought it’s a common thing to have deja vu or know how things will played out exactly, or you know the little voice inside that will warn you of danger or bad situation? Yes, I thought experiencing these things are natural to everyone, until I realised they are not.

The thing is, I know deep down I look at things differently. For instance, I never think nor plan – I feel. Yes, it does sound weird but when I about to decide something I never take the logical path; I did something because it felt right at the moment. As I grow up, I met few people who made me question about this behaviour of mine. Some say “Oh you are intuitive, aren’t you?” while others would make me feel weird about these peculiarity. I must say, I never take intuition seriously because, well, I don’t understand the matter. Continue reading