5 Life Lessons I learned When I Turned Twenty-Seven

paper quillTurning 27 is scary for some people and scarier for others. Sure age is just a number, but 27 is the ultimate sign that in three more years, no matter how hard you deny it, you will turn 30. Question is, should it be this intimidating?

I rarely celebrated my birthday (like throw a party with confetti and multilayered birthday cake), but turning twenty-seven had a profound effect on me (maybe it was the beer-epiphany, really who knows?). This “new” age gave me the chance to self-reflect about the past years while slowly preparing for the next.

Here are my five life lessons I learned when I turned twenty seven!

5. It Takes Time

Don’t we know this one already? Yes, but sometimes it is still hard to put into practice. Just like any mid-twenties, I too learned it the hard way: in order to be good at something you need to give it time. Back then the idea seems absurd, I want to jump through levels like in Super Mario and save the princess directly. But looking back now I understand that perfection needs practice and practice needs time.

Once I read the reply author Lois Lowry gave to young writers regarding writing tips. Her suggestion is simple “You have to read, read and read.” That may sound like the usual advice from a fame author, but when you think about it, reading takes time. And to read a dozen books in a year requires plenty of time, right? My take away: whether it’s the relationship that needs work or the writing career that needs a boost, heck even the body fat that takes eons to lose – simply give it time. Or maybe this Albert Einstein quote will help, “The only reason for time is so that everything doesn’t happen at once.”

4. Find Your Thing

I believe everyone is born with a talent, yet not everyone takes time to find them. For me, these past few years have been hard since I have a decision to make. On one hand I enjoyed writing and on the other being a writer is the last thing to cross my mind. It doesn’t help either when you are insecure about it.

As an observer, I am amazed at those people who knew what they want to become since early on. I had friends who knew they wanted to become a doctor or a programmer when they grow up (funnily none of them wanted to become a writer!). The journey to “find your thing” is tiring and difficult. You have to step outside your comfort zone to try new things and pick the one you enjoy most doing. You can also try to revisit the things you loved since you were a kid. I started my writing job right after college and I chose to pursue it after moments of hesitation. Yes, there were doubts and worries, but when you are having fun doing your “thing” why not continue?

3. Choose Your Friends Wisely

I never fit into large group of friends and now I have even fewer friends than I had in college. I like meeting different kinds of people and even befriending most of them. However, throughout the years I learned a thing or two in this area.

It’s important to keep those friends who have stick with you through the bad and the good. They are the one who knows you best and you couldn’t replace them. Meanwhile, as you go on and make new friends in life, it’s wise to find the ones who you share the same passion with – we all need a Game of Thrones buddy. But here is the catch, sharing hobbies is awesome but their personality also counts. Always ensure he/she is not a real downer or worse, a narcissist. Life is hard, I am twenty seven and I don’t have the energy to deal with these anymore. Be happy, make others laugh and choose your friends wisely.

2. Different Itch

Four years of college meant experimenting with drinks, night life and lack of sleep. Where else post college Saturday nights involved trying new clothing (and pick up lines) and finding the cheapest bar to binge-drink. The routine goes on and on until you hit twenty-five and realised the clubs you frequently visited makes you hyperventilate when it is super crowded.

While club/bar hopping sounded fun a few years ago, now your body craves a different sensation. You want to smell the fresh air on a Saturday night instead of dancing next to random strangers. You want to sit down, enjoy your beer (or wine if you are classy) and have meaningful conversations with the friends you actually like. You want to have a meaningful relationship than years of what-the-heck infatuation you remember calling it love. Don’t even start me on the exercise because those morning workouts has become a necessity. Also, while we are on the topic, who doesn’t want to go and see aurora borealis in Norway?

1. Be True to Yourself

The simpler the message, the harder it is to follow. Being true to yourself is hard because there are no books or blogs (ha ha!) to help you with. Self-acceptance has been overused by “life coach” on social medias and who can blame them? To have a raw and honest “talk” with yourself will not be easy, yet it is not impossible. In the end, you know who you are. You know your stories better than anyone else. The key is in your hand, open the door, and you will be at home.


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