Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse Book Review

Originally I wanted to write about the Greek Mythology I read in here. However, that stuff need research and as much as I love research and history I have to be honest to myself and let it go. I am not a historian and I rather do a book review instead.

I finished the book around a month or two ago (I am now reading The Shining!) and enjoyed it better than the previous book. I think this one would definitely make a better movie as well. Now for the review I would like to do something experimental and use Q & A template for this book review.

Mesh, what is Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse about?

We have come to the third installment and things are getting more Greeky. In this book Percy Jackson have to save his friend Annabeth who is kidnapped by a Manticore (half lion, half man). Percy is also joined by other half-blood heroes in the quest to save Annabeth. There is also the thing about the Titan’s Curse.

What is the Titan’s Curse, then?

It’s the curse to one of the Titans. A new character introduced in this book.

Okay… Do we meet other new characters in the book?

Yes, we do. There is the Goddess Artemis who take form as a twelve-year old girl in this book. She is the God of the Hunt and have maiden “followers” called The Huntress. One of the maidens is Zoe Nightshade who accompanied Percy during the task. Next we have two siblings Nico and Bianca di Angelo who Percy rescued in the beginning. I personally loved the twist with these two characters.

Nice, no spoiler please! Why do you think this book is better than the previous?

I am not going to spoil it! Anyway, yes I find Titans Curse better because of the well-written plot and faster pace. I also like the adventure, it is still a quest of someone getting kidnapped, but they don’t drag it like in Sea of Monster. I also enjoyed the twist and turn in the book. Some part can be slow, but that doesn’t last long. The ending also makes me want to pick up the next book, stat.

Sounds awesome! How about Rick Riordan as the writer? Has he become your favourite YA author?

I think Rick Riordan is a good writer. His work appeal more to the younger audience I believe. For example his humour seems to be intended to those generation.

You mean his jokes are lame?

Not necessarily. I do think he is a witty writer and some of the lines are actually funny. But at times I find most of his jokes cringe-worthy.

How about our main hero, Percy? How do you like him here?

Percy is a fine character. He can get irritating at times but he is normal and likeable. His heroic attempts are tolerable. He is not the character you want to screamed at because you find him/her annoying.

Hmm okay… What is your favourite scene in the book?

It has to be the one with Atlas, one of the Titans, in the mountain. The scene is well-written and intense. The part with Dionysus is also pretty funny as well as the part with the Oracle.

How about the bad guys?

Personally, I think Riordan always have trouble writing the bad guys. Of course, Kronos is the main baddie in Percy Jackson. I also enjoy Luke as the villain, but there are skeletons army in this book and they are pretty lame. I had the same problem with the bad guys in Sea of Monster.

Who would you recommend Titan’s Curse to and your rating please?

Definitely to those who enjoy YA fantasy or the series fans in general. Also to the readers who are rethinking whether to continue the series or not. I give it 3.5 out of 5.


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