Musing: Grace Helbig & Blogging

I have had a runny nose since I woke up and realised my allergy kicked in. I tried to write but I can’t concentrate because I keep on snorting and sneezing – it’s damn tiring. I slept for a while then I woke up to the sound of mosquito buzzing near my ear. What the heck is this! I take off my sleeping mask and sit on my chair. Put the laptop on my lap and clicked the YouTube icon.

I have been addicted to YouTube for two weeks now. I don’t remember how it begins but I will try to remember it soon. YouTube is a home for random videos but many of them are not funny, then I stumbled upon Grace Helbig. She is a popular YouTuber with attractive face, blond hair and awkward sense of humour. Tonight I decided to watch her newer videos.

I watched four to five videos and grinned because in one of the videos she didn’t do anything and titled it ‘Nothing and Everything’. But then I wonder, would Grace Helbig still be funny if she is a blogger? Can you be funny with words?

The thoughts lingered in my head for a while and I switched off YouTube. I am now eating my chocolate. My nose is still running and I am typing a random post about Grace Helbig. But you know what? I might go back to YouTube.


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