The Head – A Short Story

My first published short story. Enjoy!

Michael wore his favourite leather jacket and jeans to meet Said at a movie festival they both have planned for months. The French Movie Festival was back in town and the couple have been dying to watch their favourite Marion Cottilard’s movie. Heck, they fell in love because of their fondness of French movies and music and how could the gay Francophiles miss this event? Continue reading “The Head – A Short Story”


Am I Connected to the Universe?

For the longest time, I would never call myself intuitive because I thought it’s a common thing to have deja vu or know how things will played out exactly, or you know the little voice inside that will warn you of danger or bad situation? Yes, I thought experiencing these things are natural to everyone, until I realised they are not.

The thing is, I know deep down I look at things differently. For instance, I never think nor plan – I feel. Yes, it does sound weird but when I about to decide something I never take the logical path; I did something because it felt right at the moment. As I grow up, I met few people who made me question about this behaviour of mine. Some say “Oh you are intuitive, aren’t you?” while others would make me feel weird about these peculiarity. I must say, I never take intuition seriously because, well, I don’t understand the matter. Continue reading “Am I Connected to the Universe?”

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe Book Review

I need to stop reading The Shining because… it’s a depressing book, so I decided to read Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe. Let’s find out what I think about it with my Q & A style!

Why did you decide to read this book?

The title is catchy and interesting. The synopsis on GR sounds like your typical coming of age book, but since I needed something relaxing, I thought why not. Continue reading “Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe Book Review”

What to Blog About? Tips and Tricks!

We all started a blog for something, right? Maybe you created yours as a fun space to write anything you want. Maybe some of you are like me, who created a blog with notion that this could be your profession.

These past few weeks have been hard for me because I can’t decide what do I want to blog about. I started this blog hoping to share my “lifestyle” experience as an ex magazine writer and become a blogger in that section. But as time goes by, I realized how hard it is to create a lifestyle blog. My concern is not the content itself, I got some ideas (will share with you guys in a minute), but because those “ideas” are so business-y like, I find it hard to push myself to write them down. Continue reading “What to Blog About? Tips and Tricks!”

I Watched Wes Craven’s Interviews

With my coffee mug on one hand and my phone on the other, I begin my morning “scroll”, as I like to call it, with the social medias. I clicked the Instagram icon and after the fourth posts, the news hit me. Sarah Michelle Gellar posted a picture of her magazine cover with the other ‘Scream 2’ actresses. I read the descriptions and my heart sank: Wes Craven died at the age of 76. Continue reading “I Watched Wes Craven’s Interviews”

Musing: Grace Helbig & Blogging

I have had a runny nose since I woke up and realised my allergy kicked in. I tried to write but I can’t concentrate because I keep on snorting and sneezing – it’s damn tiring. I slept for a while then I woke up to the sound of mosquito buzzing near my ear. What the heck is this! I take off my sleeping mask and sit on my chair. Put the laptop on my lap and clicked the YouTube icon. Continue reading “Musing: Grace Helbig & Blogging”

Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse Book Review

Originally I wanted to write about the Greek Mythology I read in here. However, that stuff need research and as much as I love research and history I have to be honest to myself and let it go. I am not a historian and I rather do a book review instead.

I finished the book around a month or two ago (I am now reading The Shining!) and enjoyed it better than the previous book. I think this one would definitely make a better movie as well. Now for the review I would like to do something experimental and use Q & A template for this book review. Continue reading “Percy Jackson and the Titan’s Curse Book Review”